I am trying to deploy a network install MSI from
The installation is customized with an .ini file that contains username,
default install dir and license key.. etc...

There is no MST needed in this case, as long as the .ini resides in the
same directory.
Have followed all instructions of vendor to the letter and copied CD
content to \serversshareappname

Created a windows MSI bundle to desitributed bundle to users.
Noticed a BUG! or rather an annoying feature
- MSI install always defaults to /qn
- when selecting MSI delivery options, whatever you select, lets say /qf
from the bulleted selection list... and you click OK the screen and line
reverts back to /qn.
- should be a way to specify app deploy defaults and save them as such...?

- When user launches the application from application explorer the
following error is desplayed
"This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application
vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package."

- Application is set to deploy as dynamic administrator

However, when I execute the install msiexec with paramaters manually the
application deploys without problems or issues.
(using runas under current user)

Anyone have a solution?

The MSI file itself is okay and valid.