I'm trying to take an image of a workstation. It boots up using pxe, the blue "Zen Imaging" screen comes up and it loads the familiar menu ( with take image, make image commands ). it sit there for about 3 seconds and then following error message comes up:
Failed to read from preboot server. See documentation.
Zenworks imaging failed with error:9
This happens if I create a "Take an image" job in Zen control centre, when i look at the workstation object there, i can see that my attempts are being logged and message ID is: Message ID: Novell.Zenworks.Prebootwork.TAKE_AN_IMAGE_ERRMSG_R EGISTERED_DEVICE

if i don't specify any job at all, then the machine boots into pxe and then exits it and loads windows.
The server is a win2003 running on vmware, so is the workstation, version 3.x

any ideas?