I have this problem that I can't get my head around.
I am trying to deploy an image to a bunch of non discovered workstation. They have never been logged on the network and contain no operating system. I just want them to PXE boot and get a multi cast image bundle.
I've configured the "non discovered" device setting and added a rule ( ip address begins with 10.8 ) and enabled the bundle.
The workstation boots up, connects to the preboot server and exit pxe and reboots again ( since there is no operating system ).

If I go to one of my discovered workstations and assign the very same multi cast image bundle and reboot it, the image comes down.

I tried with dynamic workstation groups, adding workstation by ip-address rules but assigning this bundle to them didn't make any difference, the machine still exits pxe.

please help, I have got to get it working. :-(