I created a bundle to run a script and it turned out that my syntax
wasn't correct but otherwise the bundle ran fine. So, I modified the
bundle to use a script (.bat file) that called a config file (netsh is
what I'm doing - in case it matters). I added an action to install the
file to the local machine at c:\; moved the action up to the top of the
list so that it ran first; Applied my changes and incremented the bundle.

Now, I've rebooted TWICE and still the bundle shows not as packaging but
as Unavailable. I created this bundle from my Linux primary server.

When I look in content-repo/tmp there is nothing there. When I look at
zcc.log it shows where it was packaging the original one but doesn't
seem to have any data on the second version. Also, I created an
identical bundle with a different name and that one doesn't show
anything either.

Any ideas?