We use pcounter on NetWare, just as many of you do as well. We would like
to move to iPrint on Linux, but that will never happen without all the
abilities for print job accounting that pcounter provides. I've heard that
AND Technologies has been stonewalled by Novell with respect to porting
pcounter to OES/Linux. I haven't seen anything from Novell on any kind of
print job accounting functionality being built for iPrint on any platform.

WTF? Isn't print accounting - ie charge and/or pay for print - a common
thing in the world of business? There must be millions of education users
using pcounter/iprint/ndps on NetWare. Hello Novell! Pay attention to
your customers please and let us know what on earth you are thinking
and doing.

Anyways, I am posting this in case my info is wrong an Novell has a well
known, publicly announced clear path to support print accounting equal to
or better than what is being done currently with pcounter.

And to encourage you to submit an enhancement request with Novell via their
website and any and all reps you may have contact with. We need to light a
fire or we will be left out in the dark and cold (sorry...)


Thanks for your support!