As we are migrating to new hardware running NW6.5 SP6, we are noticing new
iPint issues. We have been copying the NDPS directory to the new server
during migration and then running the broker and ndpsm after the new
server is up to re-initialize the printers. IPrint shows all these
printers as active and work for several days. Then suddenly they start to
give authorization errors, either when printing or deleting jobs, or
possibly even when the policy installs the printer during login. It asks
for username and password, nothing seems to work. Click cancel and it
appears to work for awhile, then asks again. Re-installing the iPrint
client on the workstation will alleviate the problem for about a week,
then it comes back.

I have searched thru all the posts here and on TID's but can't seem to
find an answer. From what I can tell, none of the printers are listed as
Secure, all security settings are set to Low. This is driving me insane,
can someone please help? I will try to give any information that you ask

Paul Downing