Both the SciFi channel and my local cable company are apparently lying
to me. I think its a plot. They may be out to kill me! Or at a
minimum make me way inferior quality video!

When I ( and perhaps I alone? ) watch certain SciFi channel content
through my decidedly analog, non digital CRT based television... I see
very visible video compression artifacts. ( E.g. surging and ghosting
between key frames.

I know people at the local cable company, and they assure me that what
I'm seeing is what is being sent for distro by SciFi. And I have a lot
of confidence with this answer as he the architect OF the system and
certainly knows what is and is not happening. Then today I got an
e-mail from SciFi assures me that while they are using a digital storage
/ playback system, but that is does not introduce visible artifacts. )

Any other SciFi devotees noticing these this? It seems to be certain
shows only. I'm watching SGA right now and it looks perfect, but FG
looks like I'm watching a divx movie from CD.

-- Bob

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