We are having a problem with IE7 and iPrint that we can't seem to trace
down. Hopefully I can explain clearly.

We have 7 servers all using the same version of Netware (NW 6.5 sp 5).
We have installed the iPrint client as part of our image as well as
Internet Explorer 7. We also use the iPrint Map to install our
printers. On 2 of the 7 servers, when we access the map and click on a
printer to install, IE7 reports that the iPrint Client is not
installed, do you wish to install....which as mentioned above is
already installed. On these 2 servers, you can choose "Yes" to install
the client, it installs, but when you re-try installing the
printer...you get the same message "iPrint Client not installed...".
IE7 also blocks the Active X control needed to install the client. On
the other 5 servers, the printer installs as expected with no problems.
As far as we can tell, all IE7 settings are the same and all servers
were set up the same.

IE6 does not present this problem with any of our servers.

Any idea what could be causing this situation?

Other info:

Win XP Pro
iPrint Client 04.15.00
Zen 7 sp 1

Thanks in advance for any help.