hi, first post...
Has anyone come across this ?
We have workstations behind group firewalls with on port 80 and 443 open.
Pre SP7 all we did is installed iprint client on workstation behind said FW and used the proxy setting in the iprint client.
We set this to https:\\server1.my.domain:443 which was the same server as iPrint was running on.
This worked a treat.
Since SP7 went on however, users can authenticate then iprint gives error Winsock error 10101
Looking at the FW log, it seems it using port 443 to autenticate but falling back to the standard (ipp) port of 631 which of course is blocked.

Have I got this wrong, but setting the proxy on iprint to the above should *only* use port 443 to the proxy server and the proxy server should then pass this on to the relevant NW iPrint server ? (so happens to be same server)
Any help appreciated....