Started an import of purchase records into Zenworks 7.0
Went reasonably fast for a while. somewhere overnight it slowed to a
crawl. To give you an idea on time - it was importing about 35 - 50
records every 20 second screen refresh. This morning it is importing 10
records every 5 minutes. The total record size is about 27,000 records
and it is currently on 9,670. At the rate of 10 records every 5 minutes,
I am thinking Thanksgiving break came early and long this year.........

I stopped and started the web console service and it picked up where it
left off......really slow

I kicked off a 2nd small import and it ran ok at the pace of about 50
records every 20 second screen refresh. The big one is moving, but not
sure why sooooooo slow.

Any ideas?
Where do i go to delete the actual import file so I can get it to fail,
delete the records i imported, and start over?

Is there a file size limit when this speed issue becomes a problem? I am
running 7.0 with the most current PRU applied.