I did the following:
1. Build a base computer
2. join domain
3. install ZEN agent and update it to
4. unregister the workstation from ZEN
5. clean GUID from registry - HKLM\Software\Novell\Zenworks\PreAgent\guid
6. unjoin the domain
7. run sysprep
8. Save image to server.
9. deploy image to 10 test computers.
10. rename computers and join domain
11. register the computers with zen.

All of the imaged computers share the same ISD GUID so when they register with ZEN they register as a single workstation in ZEN.

Moreover, the ZEN ISD GUID does not match the one in the pre-agent registry key. In fact the ZEN ISD guid is not in the registry at all.

Does this mean I need to clear the image safe data before making my image. Do I still need to delete the PreAgent guid registry key?
Is there a way to clean the image safe data from within Windows? (ENGL's ZisdCtrl 3.0 ActiveX Control does not work with ZEN10).