I am having some difficulty in creating a simple task that would copy
install files to the local client machine (XP). I have tried several
options including:

Directive Bundle
File Bundle
Windows Bundle

With each I have created an “Install Directory” and successfully
uploaded the source files to the server. On my test client I have
created a directory named ZcmCache where the “Install Directory” should
be copied to. I have associated the bundle with valid Zen users and
get the following errors:

Bundle 702GW-001 is still being packaged on the server. Please try
running later.
Also getting some “Could not download bundle content” errors.

Another error I recall but cannot find now is something along the lines
of Could not add directory or could not find directory, but just going
from memory on this one.

Ultimately, after the files are successfully copied I will make a
bundle that runs the installs for these exe based setups. Has anyone
had success with this type of app distribution? If so, any tips would
be helpful. For what it is worth I have tried this for the Windows
install of GroupWise as well as Winscp which is much smaller, around 3

Details on my test environment:
ZCM installed on Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition SP1 – Non Domain
member. ZCM setup against Windows AD via LDAP successfully. Zen
adaptive agent is deployable on test machines within the context I have
defined. Zen user logins are successful via Ldap as well.


Bill Conlee