Hi All

I have setup DHCP clustered on a OES2 Linux Cluster
It delivers standard ip onformation successfully

However, it wont deliver the SLP Scope or DA IP
I rolled back to the DHCPSRV on a Netware 6.5 box and the Workstation
picked up IP and SLP info successfully, But when I shut it down and
startup the cluster DHCP I get the standard DHCP info but not the
Option 78 and 79 info.

At the moment my subnet Configured options are:

3 routers
4 time-servers,
5 ien116-name-servers,
6 domain-name-servers,
78 slp-directory-agent true/
79 slp-service-scope true/PEGASUS_SCOPE

Anyone got any ideas ?


Mark Casey
Pegasus Technology Pty Ltd