When deploying through secure system user, is there some way of monitoring
the MSI deployment from repository?

I have a deployment of a very simple app (adobe reader 8) from the
repository and it is in "installing" mode for the past 15 minutes now.
When executed manually (not through zenworks, yet windows command line) it
takes only 1-2 minutes and progress can be seen because of /qr switch.

Secure system user (don't allow interaction with desktop) offers no way of
monitoring the progress of the deployment. Zenworks agent (show progress)
is very informative (not!) and windows task manager (monitoring msiexec
process) very informative as well (yeah).... (0%) CPU use... So I guess
the deployment is stuck. But where? Even the application directory is not

Running as dynamic user gives me various errors of which i have already
created a message here on the forums.

Could Novell somehow build a "runas" parameter (so that I may specify a
special MSAD proxy user with elevated privileges) for the deployment of
MSI's, or at the very least buy a company that has more experience in MSI
MSI technology adoption by Novell has never been a strong one..