Here's the situation. I've built a windows 2003 standard server and installed Zenworks Configuration Management on it. This is in a test environment with no other servers being used. I'm using a Cisco 8 port hub and 3 Micron Client Pro 375's as client test beds.
I've installed DHCP (windows) on the server and have it running. I'm currently able to send and receive images from a standard Zen imaging bundle but I'm unable to send a Multicast image to a single or multiple devices. The error I'm receiving is Imaging Failed with Error 78, this is at the client before the system reboots.
The Zen server reports a Socket not open error as the cause but doesn't mention which socket. I've checked all the Novell services to confirm they are up and running on the server. I do not have a firewall running on any of these systems.
I don't remember any other services outside of the Novell services that need to be running. Any Ideas?