My youngest and I were getting ready for church....wife and eldest were
at singing practice already...and Pookie, the cat, came to me meowing

There was obviously something wrong, but I couldn't id anything
painful...she wasn't meowing constantly, but very loudly. I watched
her for 3 or 4 minutes, then followed her, as she began walking around.
There was some greenish mucous in her mouth, which with some coaxing,
she let me get out with my finger. Still, she was not quite right.
She went into my daughter's room, and jumped on the bed , and started
to lie down, I picked her up and took her to the living room....she
started to look like she might be having trouble focusing.

My daughter was quite worked up by this time...and as she watched,
Pookie expired in my hands as I tried unsuccessfully to give her
mouth-mouth...only 5 years old.

We are sad here today.