We have a nw65 sp6 server running iPrint with the 6f patch installed.

We want to upgrade to sp7 on that server. I wanted some advice as to the
best way to achieve this.

Should iPrint patch 6g to put on first, then patch netware to nw65sp7?

Is the move to sp7 'one way' for iPrint? I suspect it will be - on the
grounds that support for Windows Vista is added. Is there any way to back
this up before the install? I know the NDPS database works in tandem with
NDS, so I need to have a DR plan. I guessing the best way will be using
the PADBTXT.CSV file to re-create the printer agents.

Having over 1000 PAs and also even more workstations I do not fancy having
to do this... nor fielding the questions of what the users might see in
the event of a disaster...

Thanks in advance.