Yes i've seen some messages about Vista and iPrint Client, but i need to
blow out some steam!

There is two issues about Vista and iPrint Client.

1. Vist and power management
Vista on laptops is a strange world. If you boot a laptop without eigther
power cord in or LAN-cabel in, than you can't instal iPrint Client. You
have to boot the laptop with both power and LAN-cabel connected to get
iPrint Client to install. It can't install over WLAN, so only LAN can be

Is this Vista og Novell problem?

2. Required Hotfix for Vista
If you try to install iPrint Client on Vista, you will see a message that
you have to add two hotfix for Vista;
KB932206 and KB941542

Without these two hotfixes, iPrint Client refuse to install.
The realy funny part is that these two hotfixes is not released public.
You need to get these hotfixes from som Development network. So if you get
these hotfixes, so don't delete then. You need then later.
Microsoft have desided to not release these two hotfixes before the final
release of Service Pack 1 for Vista. What an idiot that came with this ide!

So here are the solution:
1. Download hotfixes for Vista;
KB932206 and KB941542
2. Install hotfixes and reboot.
3. Make sure LAN- and Power-cabel is plugged in before you reboot.
4. Install iPrint Client
5. If you have F-secure Client Security etc with application control, then
you also have to allow nipp.exe to run on computer.

Now you can install iPrint printers :-D

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway