Eh, seems the gateway finally went down. Oh well.

So I've run into this once or twice where the load order of modules starting up under NW65SP7 will cause the system to just hang hard. The first encounter was all that Btrieve stuff loading up at the same time as the HTTPSTK module, and I figure it was HTTPSTK just halting the system. Usually while BSPXCOM.NLM or BTCPCOM.NLM was trying to load.

So I worked around that by shifting httpstk's load line in autoexec.ncf down a couple of pages and prefixing it with a '?' character to further delay it.

Now, after finally fixing my Linux/OES2 Server, it seems the gremlins in my server room have decided to pick on my poor Netware server. I'd swear I touched nothing with Identity Manager, except disabling my Linux Fan-Out Driver whilst I re-installed aforementioned OES2 Server, but the blasted system is hanging hard when loading up NOVLACJ2.NLM, which identifies itself as "Novell Identity Manager Java Activation API JNI Support 2 3.5.1".

This machine booted fine the other day, now it suddenly hangs like this on bootup, and I can't find anything in the log files, nor an abend or anything indicating why. Enough of the system comes online so that I can cycle screens and get at the logger, but only four screens came online. Though, I'm working from an HP Ilo Remote Console, so getting the right key commands put thru to trigger certain things is a bit tricky.

Bah, and IDM is probably one of my most important elements on this server. It's the glue between Novell and the Windows network. Dunno why it suddenly decides to not wanna work.

Well, ideas on how to trouble shoot this?