Okay, pursuant to my last topic (Debugging startup hangs), I edited my autoexec.ncf file heavily and added comments and whitespace to make it more readable, plus shifted the load order of a few services around. I'm making changes on the level of enabling/disabling a few services, then rebooting to see the effect. But twice, I hit the problem where HTPPSTK.NLM tries to load at or around the same time as Btrieve's stuff loads (invokved from BSTART.NCF).

Now the funny thing is BSTART.NCF is called way near the top of my autoexec.ncf file, and HTTPSTK is the last line in the file, complete with the '?' prefix to force a delay in. Somehow, things executed out in such a fashion as to allow these two services to collide again, and hang the system.

I suspect that this is a bug in HTTPSTK.NLM, but I have no idea how to go about verifying this or providing debug data. Let alone where to provide such data so some Novell techs can take a look and see whether there's just something in my coffee or not.

However, I know that A) I'm not alone and B) this has been happening at random to others, as seen in this thread from Experts Exchange (I know, they're jerks and have the web page "encoded". But it's ROT13 'encryption', so it's easy to decode. Plus you can laugh at them for it.)

Netware 6.5 SP2 boot freezes when loading HTTPSTK.NLM and BTCPCOM.NLM