Hi everyone....

I use iPrint for all printers here.
I have two different types of printers (students and admisnitratives
For the students printers, i put the Security to Low and for
Administratives printers, i put the Security to High.
I also use the Managers, Operators and Users rights to give access at who
i want. Even if i configure all this thing, anyone can install and print
on all printers whatever the security i put.

It is possible to ask for a password when a user try to install an iPrint
printer ( on the http://servername/ipp page )?
I want to let the students install theirs printers but i don't want the
students install administrative printers?

And if students install administratives printers, they can print of theres
printers. Of course i don't want to let students printing on the
administratives printers.

How can i secure printing with iPrint.

P.S. Before i used the queue base printing and the security worked very