Toying with NetStorage on NW65SP7 box... works pretty good except for 2
things (to date) that I've noticed:

1) The drag and drop doesn't seem to work, it just shows a circle with bar
across it (as in don't do this...). The documentation says it should work
in Internet Explorer (I'm on version 7), but it does the same result in IE7
and Firefox.

2) For download and lock, I see how it stops another NetStorage user from
also downloading and locking, but it doesn't stop anybody with direct access
to the file system from changing the file. So for instance if you have a
head office where users share files normally via a drive mapping, and an
outside user who wants to make a change to a shared file, they could
download and lock it, but then a user in the office can also open it, change
it, and save it, and then the outside user uploads their updated file and
the changes from the user in the office are lost, without any warning to any
user. Is there any setting that could change this? I thought that
NetStorage may set the file attributes at least to read only while the file
was locked by the outside user but apparently not...