All of a sudden i´m getting an error when installing a printer.

The popup box says: iPrint Printer - The printer encountered unknown error 1344

And the Apache log says:
[Tue Nov 27 14:24:35 2007] [warn] IPP Operation error=540, operation=21
[Tue Nov 27 14:24:50 2007] [warn] SRVR_ERR_IDS_ERROR; GetResourceData() returned 193 in ProcessGetInstallFilesReq()
The OES2 server is new, i did installed the server last week and setup iPrint.
iPrint worked fine until this morning. e.g we have installed printers on clients with no problem.

I have checked out TID 3484700, with no result because cups was already disabled.

Also made a reboot on the server just in case... But i didn´t help..