Okay - another Mac issue <g>.

I have a number of clients with various types of VPNs. One use I've had for
Windows VMs on Linux particularly is that sometimes there wouldn't be a
Linux VPN client, etc., and I could actually use a Windows virtual machine
to do the VPN to the client. And for one of my clients, which just has a
little pptp/ipsec VPN router, I always had to use the Windows VM when I'm at
my office, because wouldn't you know it they are on the same internal
network ( that I am! So the only way to get to them was to
have a Windows VM running, natted to the host so it ended up with a totally
different IP address. Works surprisingly well <g>.

So, I've copied my Windows VM to the Mac. Everything seems to work, except
I can't seem to get to my customer's VPN. I get to verifying
username/password, and then it just fails with a complaint about the
connection, etc.

So, I'm not sure if it's VMWare Fusion that is doing something differently,
or the Mac itself.

Anyone have any good troubleshooting tips? It's not the end of the world -
when I'm in the office technically I can use my desktop PC that works fine,
and when I'm away from the office, unless I stumble upon another network in my travels I should be okay, but it's just one
of those "it should work the same" issues that doesn't