My bosses would like to install a video conferencing system, not just
for us, but for the other organizations that we have meetings with all
the time, so that rather than flying everybody around the country they
can all just stay at their offices and turn this thing on and have a
meeting. So I've been looking at high end videoconferencing equipment,
but if you're thinking of having a meeting with, say, 18 locations, I
don't know if you can even hook up enough monitors to show everybody
clearly, and then it's about $10,000 per site to setup, and if you have
more than four sites, there are bridging charges. Looks really cool though.

I'm also looking at things like Adobe Connect and e/Pop that give you
web-based conferencing with a webcam (about $100 setup) and a flat rate
per month for usage. Not as pretty, but they do have a software version
if we end up doing a lot of it. I'm thinking this is what I should
really recommend, but what I'd like, I think, is some kind of middle
ground (the good cameras and audio, using the web service for most
meetings, and in off times, able to produce nice webcasts, training,
etc. inhouse).

What does everyone think?