iPrint and Vista cause more and more frustration!

We manage to find out how to install printers on Vista (another post). It
works but its a real workload if you organization contain allot of laptops.

No we receive allot of responds that says print stop working. iPrint
Client is stop working or crash during printing.
Some laptops gives even more problems during installation.

f.eks Internet Explorer refuse to install any printers and repetely says
iPrint Client is not installed, even iPrint Client IS installed and run in
To solve this you need to use Firefox.

Then on some Vistas a error aboute "Unknown user". All i can find about
this error is about computers that eighter the local username is the same
as computername, or computer is a member of a Windows Domain that is not

For our situation none of this are the case!

How are iPrint depended on Username/account, when user is not
authenticated to any server? Why do iPrint access a local useraccount?

I see there is a little about iPrint and Vista om these forums. Is it only
us that our students use Vista?