Basic Question.... how does the imaging engine handle resizing two
partitions at the same time (documentation only mentions resizing a single
partition image)

I'm preparing to image and restore a Win2k3 server with two partitions - so
I can resize the primary (OS) partition which was created too small by
someone else. At the same time, we'll have added another drive to the RAID
so there will be unused free space. I know I can just open the image file
and change the "original size" of the primary partition. However, do I also
need to adjust the 'original size' value for the second partition so it will
use all of the remaining free space?

Before Imaging: 146 Gb = 12 Gb Primary + 134 Gb Secondary
After Reimaging: 200 Gb = 25 Gb Primary + 175 Gb Secondary

I would assume Zen Imaging would create the primary partition first, then
whatever is left would be used for the second partition (assuming it's
original size value is greater than the free space). Is this correct?