A couple of friends of mine (I was in their wedding) are expecting a
baby. Although they are thrilled, it is a mixed blessing, as it has
been diagnosed that little Emma has clubbed feet, spina bifida, she is
borderline hydrocephalus, might *possibly* have down's syndrome, so she
will be a handful as well as a blessing.

He is in the marines, she is wanting to go back to school, and this is
their first child. They have moved to the VA area to be near really
good doctors & hospitals to get the best care for them as possible.
The doctors are planning to do a C section on Dec 10, unless
complications force it to be done earlier.

I'm not asking for anything other than your good wishes & prayers for
Ben, Lindsey, and Emma. If you wish to send an email, you can send one
to Lindsey at l_conner AT yahoo DOT com.

If you do send an email, don't make a big production about Emma's
symptoms, etc. I'm not sure how they'll take me telling people about
their situation, but I believe they'd sure appreciate the well wishes.