Here is another one. So I have created a MSI bundle that points at a shared
location. By default the install parameters are:

/i \\empzen1\apps\AcrobatPro8\AcroPro.msi /qn

I click the options link and choose basic ui, no modal at end and hide
cancel button than click OK at bottom of page. The command becomes:

/i \\empzen1\apps\AcrobatPro8\AcroPro.msi /qb-!

Now if you click the OK button you can see /qb-! change back to /qn and it
doesn't save. So you go back into the application and you can see its still
/qn. If you type in the the /qb-! command and hit save it appears to stick.
However, if you go back in and click inside the box it reverts back to /qn.

This happens in both FF 2.x and IE 7. Can anyone else confirm this strange