A question for you all .. as i'm still unable to figure out if this setup
might work :

Situation :

- 1 groupwise 7.x system
- 1 antispam linux (postfix/DSPAM) gateway ( Debian atm => will move to

- The antispam gateway is in front of the GWIA, and receives all internet
email, when valid it gets send to the GWIA of GroupWise.
- The GWIA sends out outbound mail directly or via smarthost (ISP)

For (user-based)retraining the gateway accepts mail in a form of either :

How do i fool Groupwise so send out mail to the amtispam gateway although
the groupwise domain is defined as @domain, and thus the GWIA doesn't let
out the mail outside the GroupWise domain.

thought about :

- Do i create a non-groupwise domain/POA for the antispam gateway ?
=> then how do i configure the link/GWIA to push the mail only to that machine
without changing the smarthost.
(external mail is not accept mail with an envelope-sender that holds own

- do i use an API ?
scrolled through the API-list, but can't determine which one would suffice
for my needs

The above is added functionality, as users still are able to login to
their Quarantine/managent portal via web, but it would be som much easyer
if one could retraoun by just forwarding mail to the gateway instead of
logging into the webinterface.

Tips on solving this in any way are greatly appreciated!