For various reasons, we're migrating from Netware to a primarily Windows
server environment in 2008. Since students will be bringing their own
laptops (running Vista) and will not be in the Windows domain, the lack of
the Novell client means there won't be any automated drive mappings on
login. I've been looking at the possibility of using ZCM Bundles to map
drives to the various Windows shares (such as H: pointing to the user's
home directory and S: pointing to a departmental share). It would be nice
if this action could be automated as soon as the user logs in, but I've
been reading other threads that "Force Run" is broken in 10.0.1 so that
may not be possible. The other issue is how to tell ZCM what credentials
to use for the network mapping. I would like the operation to use the same
credentials the ZCM agent uses to connect to the primary server. I figure
I would need some sort of script to do the actual mapping since ZCM
doesn't appear to have any drive mapping directives.

Is this sort of action possible with ZCM?