This is a test server setup - single server tree environment. Patch to
nw65sp7 from nw65sp6.

I installed iManager 2.7 from the GUI on the server after installing sp7
(I had to upgrade from 2.0.2 to 2.6 first).

I created my iPrint NDPS manager, and then created my broker, and then
created my first iPrint agent. I encounter problems creating the manager
and broker when browsing for the volume object but following TID 3264471
solved this problem for me.

But I'm not seeing the Vista driver tab when managing the broker or the
printer agent.

All the modules for iPrint seem up to date - though the broker NLM is old.

broker.nlm v3.00.11 26th August 2005
ndpsm.nlm v3.02.03 14th September 2007
ndpsgw.nlm v4.00.15 13th September 2007

Any ideas?