Has anyone managed to get Dynamic DHCP/DNS working on OES2 Linux?
I'm new to Linux, migrating over from NetWare and having just a few
problems... :o)

The last neat and tidy configuration I had of this was on NW6.0, DHCP
server updated the DNS records fine, Upgrade to NW6.5 and started having a
few problems, workstation's (W2K machines) DNS records showing duplicate
IP addresses etc.. thinking this was due to changes that made the set-up
more 'open'.

Was hoping a move to OES2 Linux would be the answer, but now thinking if
it the answer is it's bl**dy well hidden... :o)

Couple of questions really

The DNSDHCP Java Console is shown with a Linux DHCP tab in the
documentation (that which I can find), yet I cannot badger it into showing
anything similar on screen - Can you manage (linux) DHCP with the DNSDHCP
console or are you compelled to doing keyhole surgery type admin using

Also When setting up the DHCP zone, for dynamic updates, you're advised to
configure a TSIG Key, well that's a bit new (to me at any rate) so
expected a bit of background, nice bit of handholding through the
manual... instead got several blank boxes asking you to please enter
algorithm, secret key and a help screen offering the advice that this is
where you'd enter the security algorithm and secret key... which was
nice... so would like to know what are the options available as blindly
guessing at RSA and then crossing fingers didn't feel good...

I've found out that there are some good docs on the net describing how to
configure openSUSE 'trad' DNS or linking it to LDAP, by manually amending
your DNS and DHCP config files,

Also looked at the scope files (would have been nice to have a crib sheet
of the pertinent files, locations, command line options in one place being
so new to linux) and wondered if these were being updated correctly?
seeing records without trailing dots etc, don't know if this is the 'OES2
way' or another slp.conf type 'make the changes yourself' type of affair...

In the mean time, spent a bit of time collecting MAC addresses and
configuring DHCP HOSTS and manual DNS A records... not an elegant solution
but works.

So if anyone out there has managed to find a way to get this fundamental
service working without leaving a head shaped dent in their desk...could
they tell this idiot how to go about it...