I am having a variety of issues with my print server. One thing I noticed
in the ndps manager event log (via NoRM) was a large number of these

3/12/07 11:32:27 , Operation: Cancel Job,
Selection Error: Unknown Object Identification (no such object) ,
User Name: [ip address of print server],
Address: [ip address of print server],
Object Name: SP0060-BW
(Client Interface)

I haven't found anything in the Novell Knowledgebase on this error
message. Have you seen anything like this? Is it purely/mostly cosmetic or
is it indicative of a deeper problem?

The server is running NetWare 6.5 sp7 with tcp681 and ss205 installed and
gams.nlm rolled forward to v1.30. EDirectory is at v8.7.3.9.

The eDir database has one partition which has one master and two
read/write replicas, one of which is on the print server. Hardwarewise it
is an IBM 336 with a 3GHz Xeon, 4GB RAM, Broadcom gigabit nic.

It sounds like it might be an eDir corruption issue; hope not!


Ron Neilly