I have had it up to here with this crud! How the Sam
hedoublehockeysticks am I supposed to migrate my Exchange mail boxes
and moving user files, btw in MS is a major pain in the @$$, when I
have every Tom, Dick and Harriet blowing up my phone and e-mail with
idiotic problems.

ID10T 1: My daughter send me this greeting card and I canít open it.

ID10T 2: Tech in Miami does not have enough since to share a folder
with shared permissions and wonders why people only have read abilities.

ID10T Boss 3: wants me to drop everything and go help HR remove
personal files off someoneís computer they just axed and burn them on
to CD.

And this is just the last hr.

I am about to blow a gasket!

"Moldy mildew, mother of mouthmuck, dangle and strangle to death." She