I have migrated several different apps to ZEN and found that if I
have the Novell client installed the application that is running a
setup.exe will work. (The directory that contains the setup.exe is located
on a Novell server.) If I try it on a windows box (no client), it will not
work. When I look at the bundle, it is pointing to the Novell server
location. I can not do a browse to that server (from the bundle
configuration). From looking at the docs, they indicate that I need the
file upload extensions so the zen10 server can store the files etc. from
the source. How do I install the file upload extensions? I guess I am
confused on the bundles vs. the applications from prev. versions of ZEN.
Aren't the files to be copied to the ZEN10 content-repo and then cached
locally on the PCs and then run from the local PC? How can I be sure that
the files are getting to the ZEN10 server? I looked in the directory
(content-repo) and I only see 2 other directories (and I migrated 6 apps).
Thanks for any insight.