OrangeBlossom's mini-rant post got me thinking. Today I had to fix a fax
machine. Next to scrubbing garbage cans, this is one of worst aspects of

Other things on the list that make me cringe:
A phone call from someone saying "I can't print". Ususally they don't know
what printer they're printing to. Nor do they know their full name. 30
minutes wasted. Someone forgets to push the paper tray all the way in.

People demanding you fix the fax machine. 1 hour wasted. Best solution for
fixing fax machines: remove power cable, replace everything else, reinsert
power cable.

A drive-by user exclaiming "help me setup my new laptop computer. I got a
great deal on a floor model unit! And by the way, what's Vista?"
"Can you look at my laptop I just bought?"
"Sure, where did you buy it?"
"Thift store, only paid $20! Can you put XP on it? It has Windows 98 on

"Help me fix the sound on my computer". This one is expected to be at the
top of the priority queue, even if the server room is 119.7F.

"Where did my files go?" They don't know what the directory was named but
they know the files aren't there. Salvage (or Undelete) shows nothing has
been deleted. 2 hours wasted.

"Is the network down?" Self explanatory.

"Did you delete my mailbox, all my mail is gone!". A MS-ism.

While upgrading an end-user's computer to a brand-spankin' new unit, the
co-worker in the next desk says "when am *I* going to get an upgrade?" when
they were upgraded only 1 year ago.

When someone, anyone, asks "When are we upgrading to Vista?"