Ok, i'm having issues getting a multicast to run from the web interface.

Installation is ZCM 10.0.1 on a Windows 2003 box.

Single imaging works fine.
Multicast works fine IF i manually run the command "zmgmcast -mcast MCASTZEN -p dc7800.zmg -c n" (MCASTZEN being the session name, and dc7800.zmg being the source image, and n being whatever client count is needed). Also need to MANUALLY boot the relevant PC's from ZEN image disk, select manual, and select multicase (specifying the session name)

The bit i'm having trouble with is with the Zen Multicast Image Bundle. I thought the whole idea behind it was to create a bundle, specify the image file (+ any applications to mcast as well), specify the number of clients, enable it and off it would go. But nothing happens.

Am i being thick and missing something out?