I am in the process of installing a new Cisco wireless system and running
into problems with workstations seeing the Novell network/Tree when they
attach to the new access points. Workstations are pretty standard Windows
XP systems. The workstations can attach to the Novell side when I connect
them to the older Linksys and Orinco APs but as soon as I connect them to
the Cisco APs I cannot see the tree.

We are also running Windows AD and it sees all of that fine on the new Cisco
equipment. I also have a Thinkpad with Vista on it that sees the Novell
side on the Cisco APs as well.

I have tried updating systems to 3.91 SP4 client. Uninstalled the Novell
client, remove from AD Domain, Add to AD Domain and reinstall client. All
to no avail. The only thing that works is to go back to the Linksys/Orinco

I have Tech support ticket in to Cisco but thought I would try here as well
since I have not heard back from them yet.


Dave Burek