TID 3629331 was released on 30/11/2007 which states that 10.0.1 version
of the agent fixes the issue where the agent couldn't be "rebooted now"
rebooted later..." and references TID 3486285 "Updates to ZENworks 10
Configuration Management".

This looked promising, but no where does it tell us what the switches
are to achieve this. It's not in the TID's, and it's not there if you
select help (/? -h) on the package. The only switches listed in the
documentation and the help on the package, are the same as the original
-d target_path: Extract the files to the specified target path. The
default target path is
-h: Display help information.
-l: List the contents of the package only. Do not extract the package
and run the installation.
-n: Extract the package but do not run the installation.
-x: Suppress the reboot prompt; do not reboot after installation.
-v: Turn on verbose screen logging.

Is anyone able to tell me how to force/control reboot behavior on the
manual install of the full package client?