Hello all

I have created a simple bundle which is designed to run a simple cmd script. I have tried bothe defining the script within the bundle and copying the .cmd file to the local machine and using the bundle to execute it from there. Either way I am getting the same error. When I run the bundle I recieve the error "Error generating input file for Run Script Action." I saw this referred to on ndsengineers.com but there was no solution posted.

I have configured the Script Run Action in the bundle as follows-

Script to Run- Specify file on managed device.
File name - c:\tmp\filename.cmd
Script Parameters-
Path to script engine - c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe
Script engine parameters - /c
Working directory - c:\tmp
Priority - Normal
Run As - User

The system is XP Professional SP2 and the user account is a Domain User with no admin rights but they do have rull write access to the c:\tmp directory.

Has anyone seen this error before or is anyone able to offer advice?