I recently rebuilt our ZENworks environment in order to go production
with everything and due to the recent 10.0.1 update. We built it out on
SLES servers (patched) with a MS SQL 2005 server and the computers are
XPsp2. We are now having several issues so I will have several posting
over in a few group. For an overview: Windows local policy will not
push everytime, DLU does not build everytime, it can take 2 to 3 min for
policies to appear on the workstation then another min for the ZEN apps
to populate and the ZENworks refresh could take anywhere from 5 seconds
to 20 minutes.

I am also having issues with a user authentication refresh failure.
This error is the point of this posting. The exact message is:
User authentication failed during a refresh.
User applications will not be available.
This may occur if the user's password is changed or if the user is
deleted from the user source.

This does not happen normally during the day, more often it happens
after several hours of idle. I thought perhaps the NIC was doing this
as there is an option for letting the NIC powerdown for energy. That
was not the case. I scanned the log files for anything I thought to be
relevant but did not see anything that I would consider to be part of
this issue. All through the log there is constant connections to all
the servers.

If anyone has some ideas, it will be another week'ish before we push
production with this so I can make alterations to the environment
without effecting anyone.