I've got an issue of my own creation, I'm hoping someone can give me some
insight on.
We're currently running an ifolder server for our district, using the
open-source 3.5 version on suse10. Its authenticating to our edirectory
and things are working fairly well. However, there are some features in
the OES2 version that look attractive, and it would be nice to run the
system on a supported basis. The current setup also seems to run the mono
process at near 100% all the time, but oddlly enough you don't see a
perfomance hit. Regardless, question is has anyone tried migrating 3.5
ifolders to a OES2 install?
What I've tried sofar...
Set up working OES2/3.6 - authenticates to the same edirectory tree as the
3.5 server
copied files from /var/lib/simas on the 3.5 server to the simias directory
on the new server, including the Flaim files, CollectionFiles, and the
actual ifolders in SimasFiles

it seems what I'm missing is whatever ifolder uses for the index, it seems
that there is an index of some sort that connects an edir user with a
specific ifolder. Files are in place, and allows logins, but you see none
of the old stuff.

Any help would be appreciated.