Hi all,

I installed ZCM 10.1 successfully apart from one error, a corrupt file - novell-zenworks-ziswin-

I thought this would not be too much of an issue as we weren't planning to use imaging for some time, however I was wrong, this file is incorporated into all the pre-agents, corrupt or not.

This effectively means that I can't deploy the adaptive agent as the installation process hangs on this file and never completes.

I now have a good copy of said file and wish to regenerate all the pre-agents. I've tried using -f to add the new file and create a new pre-agent executable. However, it doesn't seem to replace the broken file despite saying it's successfully added the file.

So, is there a way to remove files from an agent, so I can remove the offending file before adding a known good copy?

Or can I generate a preagent from scratch? Presumable this is done on install at sometime so I think it must be possible.

Any ideas ?

Kind Regards,
Shaun Dunmall