Hi all. Have a NetWare 6.5 SP6+ running GroupWise 7.02+ on VMWARE ESX
3.01. We are experiencing extreme slowdowns and hangs when accessing
files on server from a client. For example, copy a directory to the
server.. Accessing GroupWise for normal stuff. Everything just hangs for
2-3 minutes before it comes back to normal, only to repeat a little while

The server will peg to 100%, the client session hangs, and on the server,
the "Current Disk Requests" in Monitor shoots up to about 1000. As long
as this number is around 1000, performance is in the toilet.

The Server is configured to have 1 virtual processor and 2GB RAM. The
storage is like this: VMWare ESX 3.01 Server ----> Fiber Channel Adapter
---> Compellent SAN.

There are 2 Volumes, SYS and DATA1. Both are contained within one .VMDK
file that is about 300GB in size. This VMDK file is located on the
Compellent SAN. I am not too familiar with best practices for VMWARE,
but it seems like having one file this large could contribute. Does this
argument hold any water? Would it be better to use a raw storage partition?

Are there any other things that could contribute to this problem? My gut
feeling is that this is an architecture problem with how the VMWARE is
configured for this NetWare box, but any ideas are welcome.