We have a problem adding a HP M2770 driver to the broker.
We get the error message:
Uploading the driver has exceeded the default heap space memory allocation!
To increase memory, use the java option -Xmx<memory size> on the java
startup command line.
Edit the file 'tomcat/4/bin/tomcat4.ncf'.
Increase the value of the option '-Xmx256' on the line 'setenv
CATALINA_OPTS=-vm160m -Xmx256m...'.
Use increments of 64. Restart tomcat and try again.

1. In our cluster resource iprint, tomcat isn't even loaded, and iprint has
worked fine for 2 years, for what purpose is tomcat needed ?
Printers are distributed through Workstation Profiles across the
2. I have loaded tomcat with the value Xmx512m but this didn't help either
3. Also tried PDRVGen.exe, this didn't help either
4. Added an older driver from system, this worked fine

Java (based on 1.4.2_09) Build 06091415.
Ndspm Version 3.02 November 30, 2006
Broker Version 3.00.11 August 26, 2005
Apache Web Server 2.0.54 Version 2.00.54 July 26, 2005

Already Thanks,

H.W. Schotlen