I am trying to make a master image and am very new, like 2 weeks new, to ZCM 10. The PC's are running WinXPSP2 and the latest novell client running either Sp3 or Sp4. Anyhow, I have installed the agent, and when I login Workstation Only, after a couple seconds, I get a Zenworks login pop-up. Now, I can click cancel, which will solve my issue at this point, but I don't want the end users to have to do this, because I know they will complain that it's one more step and it's dumb. I agree. But, if I login to the netware client normally and authenticate into edirectory, since I have a DLU policy running, it passes me thru to my Windows machine with no 2nd prompt from Zenworks. I have tried this with IP and cable connect and no IP cable connected so far. I saw a regedit where I can disable this from coming up, but it sounds like if I do that, the Agent will not be active if I login without using Local Workstation Only checked. Is this correct? Is there a way to do what I am needing? Thanks for any help. I have about 2 weeks to get this figured out.