I am attempting to create a bundle that will install the Novell Client
on new Windows XP SP2 machines. These computers are part of an AD
domain and regular users do not have admin rights to the local
machines. I have a working unattended install for 491SP3 via
setupnw.exe /u:unattend.txt. I have cached the entire installer local
to the target machines and can launch the install as a local machine
admin with the following command line “c:\temp\491sp3\setupnw.exe
/U:unattend.txt”. The install launches and reads the txt file,
installs with no user intervention and then reboots the machine. If I
create a bundle and use “Launch Windows Exe” passing the same switch to
the same txt file via ZCM the install never launches. I have
configured the bundle to launch at user login, each user is not part of
local admin, but the bundle has been configured to run as “Dynamic
Administrator” and “Secure System User”. In most cases the bundle just
shows as available, but does not run. However on at least one occasion
the bundle generated the error of
“GenericActions.UserSessionUnavailable” – Full Message, “There is no
user session available or user session cannot be determined.”

Notable info:

ZCM 10 running – Workstations have Zenworks Adaptive Agent ver
and can be remote controlled, rebooted, etc.

Anyone have success installing the Novell Client via ZCM bundle?