I recently rebuilt our ZENworks environment in order to go production
with everything and due to the recent 10.0.1 update. We built it out on
SLES servers (patched) with a MS SQL 2005 server and the computers are

My issue is with a user authentication refresh failure. The exact
message is:
User authentication failed during a refresh.
User applications will not be available.
This may occur if the user's password is changed or if the user is
deleted from the user source.

During testing I have attempted to isolate this error by building some
computers using the same image at another location. This location fell
to another server due to my IP rules. These computers did not post any
errors. I changed the rule to look at my original server and now the
computers post the above error after sitting idle for several hours or
sometimes on refresh.

This server is the first server in the ZONE. I am really not wanting to
rebuild this server, would prefer to fix the issue if I can find what is
really causing this.