I'm evaluating Zenworks 10 to see if it will satisfy our needs for
software distribution and license management. Our environment will be a
collection of university owned desktops and laptops and approximately 3000
student owned notebooks. We need a way to distribute software to users and
control who can use the software and for how long. In particular, we would
like to be able to distribute software to students and make sure it is
removed (or no longer works) after the student leaves the university. In
our previous environment students were given leased notebooks so we knew
we would always get back the notebooks and reimage them. With student
owned notebooks we don't have that option so we want to make sure any
univerity-owned software won't work for them after they leave. We also
need to control the number of licenses of some software. For example, we
have 75 copies of AutoCAD and 100 copies of Photoshop Elements. We would
like to be able to monitor software usage to make sure we abide by our

We do not care about hardware inventory at all, just software distribution
and license management. I've more or less figured out the bundle component
for software distribution, but the Asset Management module seems quite
complex and doesn't appear to be what I'm looking for.

Anyone care to comment on this?